Wine Aroma Nosing Kit is a Great Mens Gift Idea

Wine Aroma Nosing Kit

Wine Aroma Nosing Kit

The Wine Aroma Nosing Kit will allow you to unlock the secrets and mystery of wine. Wine holds many wonderful secrets that are just waiting to be unlocked so the drinker can get greater enjoyment from both red and white wines

Aroma is of course, the “Crowning Glory” of any good quality Wine.  The sensation of “flavour” is due to the sense of smell, in fact over 90% of that sensation can be attributed to the smell. If you want to get the most out of your fine wines it is essential that you know as much as possible about the key aromas that are associated with the finest wines in the world.

The wine aroma nosing kit has 24 of those key aromas included so that you can try them all and then try to pick each individual aroma in the wines that you enjoy such as : Apple, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Woody, Vanilla and many more.

Developed by The Aroma Academy in the United Kingdom and sold in Australia by The Gifted Man, this Nose Training approach is both systematic and fun removing the mystery of “Wine Nosing & Wine Tasting Notes” and allowing the myriad of fine Wines to be enjoyed with the confidence and “insider knowledge” of the select few.

Get the most out of your wine and learn all about the wonderful aromas that define each wine with this incedible Wine Aroma Nosing Kit.

The Wine Aroma Nosing Kit makes a wonderful Mens Gift Idea that will be treasured over many years.

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Wine Bottle Glass is True Self Indulgance

wine bottle glass

Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs

The drinking messages being sent out always seem to conflict with each other don’t they? On one hand the message is always to drink in moderation and like Slim Dusty, never ever ever get rolling drunk (that’s for you Duncan) and on the other hand a glass of wine a day has been attributed to long life and good health outcomes.

I’ve always been a bit of a fence sitter and because I love my wine and my health, I try to combine the two messages so I will only have one glass a day. That’s because I found this super cool Wine Bottle Glass that is a full sized bottle with the convenience of a wine glass attached to the neck. It holds a full bottle of wine and I can stay true to myself by only having one glass each day.

Just like the bottle says “Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs. I have a few friends who enjoy a glass of wine a day and have been talking about reucing the daily intake down to a glass a day and this not so little wine bottle glass is going to make the perfect men’s gift idea for all of them. You can pick them up in Australia on-line for under $25.00 which is perfect for gag gifts especially with Christmas in July coming up soon.

Happy drinking and can we all charge our glasses and raise a toast to the much needed and much loved Wine Bottle Glass. Happy trails!

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Best Selfie Christmas Gift – Introducing The Snap Remote

Snap Remote

Snap Remote – $29.95

Selfie addicts hands in the air no more, the Snap Remote is here and we know you care! Yes, admit it, you’ve taken a selfie, i’ve taken a selfie, we have all taken a selfie. They’ve even become a part of mainstream media when journo’s can’t find that shot they need. I even know a friend who’s selfie ended up in a magazine to support an article.

The selfie is here to stay and that’s why the snap remote is just so darned handy. You simply sync your remote with you iPhone or iPad with the app in the App store and you’re all systems go. Get yourself within 3 metres of your phone after you’ve found a great spot for it then snap remote is a go. Take photos of you and your friends. No more short armed issues for those with less than Orangutan like limbs. 

What a fabulous Christmas Gift or giggle gift for the girlfriend or buddy who’s Facebook is full of photos and one arm. We see all sorts of hilarious photos coming to our Facebook page soon courtesy of this hilarious Kris Kringle gift.

Banana Phone Selfie

Banana Phone Selfie

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Kris Kringle – Best Gifts for Men & Women

Yes, it’s that time of year, seriously Christmas is only a few months away so you better start thinking of your Kris Kringle gifts.

Also known as Secret Santa, Kris Kringle is the tradition of giving gifts to someone who is randomly allocated to you. Sounds a bit precise but it isn’t really? It’s as simple as dropping names into a hat and then pulling out your choice. It’s a great way to arrange office gifts at Christmas time or for social clubs or groups of people who need to give gifts to each other but don’t really know the other person that well. It can also be a hilarious tradition whereby it’s the chance to give your work colleague something hilarious. There is usually a limit on price and is of course traditionally done at Christmas time. There is one other key element in this tradition. The gift giver remains anonymous! This really opens the gates for true hilarity in your gift giving.

You can go past our top five when it comes to an awesome Kris Kringle gift, check them out.

1. Crap Jokes – $9.50
Okay, so it’s toilet roll with jokes all over it! Who doesn’t like a laugh on the toilet.

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Crap Jokes – $9.50

2. Bullshit Button Detector – $14.95
This is funny for the office monkey who likes to tell a tall story or two about what happened at Friday night drinks. When they start getting a bit out of control as to how much they actually drank, you can remind them of the bullshit button you gave them for Kris Kringle.

Bullshit Button

Bullshit Button – $14.95

3. 50 Shades of Brown – $8.95
We all know the famous book that went worldwide with it’s Mr Grey character and nefarious activities! Well here is a much funner version – 50 shades of Brown, just what every toilet needs.

50 Shades of Brown

50 Shades of Brown – $8.95

4. 3D Drawing Pad – $9.95
The ultimate geek gift and doodle pad. Draw something, stick the glasses on and then have a giggle.

3D Drawing Pad

3D Drawing Pad – $9.95

5. Brown Bag Lunch Bag – $19.95
How cute is this lunch bag, we think it’s a great Kris Kringle gift and super cute for the office. Bring your lunch from home and look great doing it. Even better – it’s an environmentally friendly Kris Kringle gift.

Brown Bag Lunch Bag

Brown Bag Lunch Bag – $19.95

Well that’s our top five. Make sure you write down some idea’s and if you’re stuck the only place to go is to The Gifted Man for the best mens gifts online.


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Laundry Punch Bag – The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

For ‘fight club’ Dads the Laundry Punch Bag is the perfect Fathers Day gift. Everyone knows Dad would rather leave his towel on the floor than drop it in the laundry hamper. But if Dad was able to beat the crap out of his undies, we reckon he might just drop them into the Laundry Punch Bag.

Laundry Punch Bag

Laundry Punch Bag – $39.95

This hand household item holds plenty of laundry and is tough enough to take a beating any time of the day or night. Get Dad to stick his boxers, shirts, tshirts, sweaty gym clothes and dirty towels in this baby – and then challenge him to a fight!

This is no middleweight laundry bag, it’s heavyweight all the way and the perfect Fathers Day Gift or indeed mens gift.

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Best Mens Gift for the Kitchen ever – the Fire Hydrant Planter

It’s the Fire Hydrant Planter to the rescue – an awesome Fathers Day gift. If Dad has the ability to turn the kitchen into a scene from a bush fire, then this could be just the chap to set your mind at ease. Whilst it won’t actually put any fires out, it will help Dad with his choice of herbs for cooking. Not just awesome for the budding Jamie Oliver kind of Dad but also for the gardening Don Burke kind of Dad.

Fire Hydrant Planter - $28.90

Fire Hydrant Planter

It’s a realistic looking miniature fire hydrant that’s been turned into a planter. You can basil or parsley or whatever tickles Dads fancy in it. Measuring 16cm x 17cm x 16.5cm it’s not too big or clunky and will fit perfectly among the other kitchen items.

We reckon you can’t go past this little beauty for an awesome Father’s Day Gift.

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It’s Nearly Fathers Day Cufflinks Cufflinks and more Cufflinks

Who doesn’t love to give Dad one of the most popular men’s gifts for Father’s Day – a pair of awesome novelty cufflinks or specialty cufflinks. At The Gifted Man we have an awesome selection of cufflinks. Here’s just a selection of cufflinks that will make fantastic Father’s Day Gift.

1. Batman Mask Cufflinks

Batman Mask Cufflinks

Batman Mask Cufflinks – $24.95

Do we think Bruce Wayne wore these babies in secret? Maybe they hold a special bat power other than just looking awesome. These are great for the Dad who secretly think’s he is Batman or heads for the couch as soon as Batman  reruns hit the television. Perfect for the movie buff Dad.

2. Aston Martin Cufflinks

Aston Martin cufflinks

Aston Martin cufflinks – $24.95

Is Dad a car lover? Then you can’t go past these awesome cufflinks made in the style of the Aston Martin hood ornament. These are quintessentially British and very much associated with style. We especially love the gift box these cool cufflinks come in.

3. Angry Birds Cufflinks

Angry Birds Cufflinks

Angry Birds Cufflinks – $24.95

The Angry Birds craze has gone from iPhone / iPad / Smart Phone to soft toys, to kids toys to cufflinks. How cool is this kooky interactive game that is now a collectible and available in cufflinks. For the Geek Dad you can’t go past these cool cufflinks.

4. Home Simpson Cufflinks

Homer Simpson cufflinks

Homer Simpson cufflinks – $24.95

Does Dad love the Simpons? Seen every episode? Then you can’t go past these Homer Simpson cufflinks, ironically awesome because Homer would most likely never wear cufflinks. We reckon these are the bees knees – ay caramba!

5. I Love My Dad cufflinks

I Love My Dad cufflinks

I Love My Dad cufflinks

Do you? Then tell him with a pair of I Love My Dad cufflinks. He’ll wear them with pride and you can tell everyone he’s got them on at that special event. These are such cute cufflinks and say I love You with style.

When looking for a great Father’s Day Gift, you really can’t go past The Gifted Man, it’s an awesome Australian online retail store for men’s gifts and all things great for men.

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