Cool Men’s Gift is the Bugatti T35 Racer

Bugatti T35 Racer

Bugatti T35 Racer – $29.95

If you’re looking for a cool men’s gift you can’t go past the Bugatti T35 Racer vintage 1920s reproduction toy racing car. It’s one of those toys you’ll instantly fall in love with and have all your friends asking you where you got it from.

This snazzy little toy is a miniature remake of the Bugatti Type 35 which had numerous models. Did you know that this particular model was the most successful Bugatti and won over 1000 races in it’s time. This included the Grand Prix World Championship in 1926. Here’s a fact you can wow your friends with, the Bugatti Type 35 set an incredible 47 records in the two years prior to that successful season.

Display this unique toy on your desk at work or give your girlfriend a fright when you wind it up and whizz it by as she’s reading a book! This is a classic wind-up with all-tin features, a green body with red details and yellow tin tires, you even get spares on each side. We love it and the driver even sports clothes from that era. It’s a cool men’s gift and we’re pretty sure would make a great gift for any guy for just $30 as opposed to $300,000 for an original!

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