Sargeant Snack Fridge Cop Keeps You Diet Honest

Sargeant Snacks Diet Cop

Sargeant Snacks Diet Cop – $14.95

We think Sargeant Snacks Diet Cop is about the cutest fridge diet cop we have seen in years! So it’s around 9pm, you’ve had your Light N Easy, but that nagging feeling is in your tummy. Just one piece of cheese on a cracker you say to yourself and creep to the fridge, but as you open the door ‘OINK OINK OINK’!!! Sargeant Snacks reminds you why you’re on Light N Easy and why you should slam that door hard and fast.

Let this little piggy stop you from being a little piggy. He’ll oink at you and remind you that what you ultimately want is to lose weight, not cram more food down your throat. A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips.

It’s just about the cutest gift ever in fact, it’s not just cute, it’s a cool gift and one every Biggest Loser needs in their fridge.

PS. Perfect for the sleep eater!

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