Boys Gifts versus Girls Gifts on Masterchef Australia

It’s boys versus girls on the 2013 season of Masterchef, which brings us to boys gifts versus girls gifts at the Gifted Man! We of course cater to both, but the wonderful thing about Masterchef gifts is that they really are for everyone. Here’s our 5 favorite Masterchef Gifts.

1. Masterchef Tea Towel
Who doesn’t love a stylish tea towel to do the dishes or grab a hot plate. These are really popular and have the stylist Masterchef emblem on them.

Masterchef Tea Towel

Masterchef Tea Towel – $9.95

2. Masterchef Coffee Mug
Who doesn’t need a cuppa on those cold Winter days where all you want is something warm in you. Be inspired with this cup to ponder what you’ll cook for dinner later that night.

Masterchef Coffee Mug

Masterchef Coffee Mug – $9.90

3. Masterchef Apron
Wow your friends as you cook up a storm just like the Masterchef Contestants, but be sure to keep yourself clean in this snazzy apron.

Masterchef Apron

Masterchef April – $24.95|

4. Masterchef Recipe Book Stand
Do you find yourself getting flour all over your recipe book? It can be hard to keep it clean or even to keep the page open that you need. Here’s where the recipe stand comes in handy, plus it looks pretty good too.

Masterchef Recipe Book STand

Masterchef Recipe Book Stand – $24.95

5. Masterchef Blow Torch
We’ve seen some genius moments on Masterchef with a blow torch and we’ve also seen some horrendous ones. Either way this handy little item can really turn your meal from a cook’s delight to a chef’s genius. 

And they’re off, who will win this year? The Cinema proprietor? The Single Mum? The Stockman? The Opera Singer? The Personal Trainer? Who is your pick for this year’s Masterchef! Whoever you think will win, make sure you get all your Masterchef gifts from The Gifted Man.

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