Awesome Geek Gifts For The Geek In Your Life

Everyone has a geek in their life which means that from time to time you’re going to go looking for the best geek gift ever! That’s why we’ve created this hot little list so you’re never stuck for idea’s on what to get your favorite geek. And no – top of this list is not Revenge of the Nerds!

1. Retro iPad Cover


Padintosh – $34.95

The Padintosh looks like the original Apple Macintosh except you actually put your iPad in it! Pretty cool huh – we reckon any nerd would absolutely love this retro item. Everyone can relive the 80s with this fun iPad cover.

2. Hub Man

Hub Man

Hub Man – $14.95

Cute huh! It looks like a little man but it’s actually a USB Hub which allows you to connect multiple USB devices into one computer port.

3. Bluetooth Dongle

Micro Bluetooth Dongle

Micro Bluetooth Dongle – $13.95

Dingle, dangle, dongle! This Miniature Bluetooth Dongle will get you quickly connected to any Bluetooth enabled device (mobile phone, printer, PDA, digital camera or laptop). And it’s as easy as that! Stick it on and get connected.

4. Smart Phone Stand Speaker & Charger

Smart Phone Stand and Speaker

Smart Phone Stand and Speaker – $19.95

Now this is one handy little gift. It’s an awesome accessory for smart phones or tablets. It has a built in 2W speaker system and charging port for your favorite products such as the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and more.  So basically, you stick batteries in, then you can go anywhere and charge up your phone or tablet. This is awesome for those of you who are always getting frustrated by things running out of battery. Plus, it acts as a speaker as well. Awesome!

5.  iRobot


iRobot – $34.95

This cute little gadget is actuall an iRobot – a two-wheel robot that you control with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can turn left or right or backwards and forwards and you can also make it accelerate. It’s a great gadget for your junior or senior geek alike.

There’s five top geek gifts – so you really have no excuse to not be able to come up with something fabulous for the nerd in your life.

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