Fifty Shades of Brown for Kris Kringle or Fathers Day

Fifty Shades of Brown – Fathers Day Gifts

Were you one of the many who thought the book with the similar name should have been named Fifty Shades of Brown?

Fifty Shades of Brown

Fifty Shades of Brown

Here’s a funny little book that unlike the ‘grey’ one gives you hilarious stories of the ‘brown’ variety. It’s toilet humor at it’s best. Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Crispian Brown, although a few sheets to the wind, was occupied. He was on a roll.
She looked at him with a vacant expression and wondered what business he was up to.
“Take a seat”, he mentioned, crustily.
Cackastasia flushed. Her moist flesh quivering as, in a sudden thrust, he tied her to the stool with the chain…..

It’s perfect really – unlike it’s predecessor, and oh so funny! Enjoy we say, and get your hands on this awesome gift that would be perfect for Kris Kringle or Fathers Day.

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