Hilarious Hens Party Gift – The Man Training Kit

Man Training Kit

Man Training Kit – $14.90

The Man Training Kit is here! It’s the ultimate hen’s party gift for the girls to giggle at. Everyone knows a gal with an insufferable pain for a partner, well never fear you can give her this handy little item and she’ll have him licking her feet in no time.

This kit comes with a whip for those of you who like to train your man hard and give him a good one when he gets it ‘wrong’. Didn’t clean the toilet after number two’s that’s TEN LASHINGS WITH THE WHIP!

You’ll have your man toeing the line in no time with reward cards to keep the carrot dangling. We all know a man is ruled by two brains, these reward cards will keep the little brain well and truly happy. Get ready for the perfect man after you’ve put him through the paces of the Man Training Kit.

There’s also a handy whistle for when you really need to alert your fella he has done wrong! Newspapers all over the house? That’s a whistling! Wet towel on the bathroom floor? That’s a whistling! Dirty dishes in the sink? That’s a whistling! Beer cans all over the lounge room floor? That’s definitely a whistling! And if you’re unsure just exactly how to train your man, this kit comes with a very handy training guide. This is a hilarious novelty gift and the perfect hens party present (and replaces nagging).

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