Kris Kringle – Best Gifts for Men & Women

Yes, it’s that time of year, seriously Christmas is only a few months away so you better start thinking of your Kris Kringle gifts.

Also known as Secret Santa, Kris Kringle is the tradition of giving gifts to someone who is randomly allocated to you. Sounds a bit precise but it isn’t really? It’s as simple as dropping names into a hat and then pulling out your choice. It’s a great way to arrange office gifts at Christmas time or for social clubs or groups of people who need to give gifts to each other but don’t really know the other person that well. It can also be a hilarious tradition whereby it’s the chance to give your work colleague something hilarious. There is usually a limit on price and is of course traditionally done at Christmas time. There is one other key element in this tradition. The gift giver remains anonymous! This really opens the gates for true hilarity in your gift giving.

You can go past our top five when it comes to an awesome Kris Kringle gift, check them out.

1. Crap Jokes – $9.50
Okay, so it’s toilet roll with jokes all over it! Who doesn’t like a laugh on the toilet.

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Crap Jokes – $9.50

2. Bullshit Button Detector – $14.95
This is funny for the office monkey who likes to tell a tall story or two about what happened at Friday night drinks. When they start getting a bit out of control as to how much they actually drank, you can remind them of the bullshit button you gave them for Kris Kringle.

Bullshit Button

Bullshit Button – $14.95

3. 50 Shades of Brown – $8.95
We all know the famous book that went worldwide with it’s Mr Grey character and nefarious activities! Well here is a much funner version – 50 shades of Brown, just what every toilet needs.

50 Shades of Brown

50 Shades of Brown – $8.95

4. 3D Drawing Pad – $9.95
The ultimate geek gift and doodle pad. Draw something, stick the glasses on and then have a giggle.

3D Drawing Pad

3D Drawing Pad – $9.95

5. Brown Bag Lunch Bag – $19.95
How cute is this lunch bag, we think it’s a great Kris Kringle gift and super cute for the office. Bring your lunch from home and look great doing it. Even better – it’s an environmentally friendly Kris Kringle gift.

Brown Bag Lunch Bag

Brown Bag Lunch Bag – $19.95

Well that’s our top five. Make sure you write down some idea’s and if you’re stuck the only place to go is to The Gifted Man for the best mens gifts online.


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