Best Selfie Christmas Gift – Introducing The Snap Remote

Snap Remote

Snap Remote – $29.95

Selfie addicts hands in the air no more, the Snap Remote is here and we know you care! Yes, admit it, you’ve taken a selfie, i’ve taken a selfie, we have all taken a selfie. They’ve even become a part of mainstream media when journo’s can’t find that shot they need. I even know a friend who’s selfie ended up in a magazine to support an article.

The selfie is here to stay and that’s why the snap remote is just so darned handy. You simply sync your remote with you iPhone or iPad with the app in the App store and you’re all systems go. Get yourself within 3 metres of your phone after you’ve found a great spot for it then snap remote is a go. Take photos of you and your friends. No more short armed issues for those with less than Orangutan like limbs. 

What a fabulous Christmas Gift or giggle gift for the girlfriend or buddy who’s Facebook is full of photos and one arm. We see all sorts of hilarious photos coming to our Facebook page soon courtesy of this hilarious Kris Kringle gift.

Banana Phone Selfie

Banana Phone Selfie

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