Wine Bottle Glass is True Self Indulgance

wine bottle glass

Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs

The drinking messages being sent out always seem to conflict with each other don’t they? On one hand the message is always to drink in moderation and like Slim Dusty, never ever ever get rolling drunk (that’s for you Duncan) and on the other hand a glass of wine a day has been attributed to long life and good health outcomes.

I’ve always been a bit of a fence sitter and because I love my wine and my health, I try to combine the two messages so I will only have one glass a day. That’s because I found this super cool Wine Bottle Glass that is a full sized bottle with the convenience of a wine glass attached to the neck. It holds a full bottle of wine and I can stay true to myself by only having one glass each day.

Just like the bottle says “Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs. I have a few friends who enjoy a glass of wine a day and have been talking about reucing the daily intake down to a glass a day and this not so little wine bottle glass is going to make the perfect men’s gift idea for all of them. You can pick them up in Australia on-line for under $25.00 which is perfect for gag gifts especially with Christmas in July coming up soon.

Happy drinking and can we all charge our glasses and raise a toast to the much needed and much loved Wine Bottle Glass. Happy trails!

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