Wine Aroma Nosing Kit is a Great Mens Gift Idea

Wine Aroma Nosing Kit

Wine Aroma Nosing Kit

The Wine Aroma Nosing Kit will allow you to unlock the secrets and mystery of wine. Wine holds many wonderful secrets that are just waiting to be unlocked so the drinker can get greater enjoyment from both red and white wines

Aroma is of course, the “Crowning Glory” of any good quality Wine.  The sensation of “flavour” is due to the sense of smell, in fact over 90% of that sensation can be attributed to the smell. If you want to get the most out of your fine wines it is essential that you know as much as possible about the key aromas that are associated with the finest wines in the world.

The wine aroma nosing kit has 24 of those key aromas included so that you can try them all and then try to pick each individual aroma in the wines that you enjoy such as : Apple, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Woody, Vanilla and many more.

Developed by The Aroma Academy in the United Kingdom and sold in Australia by The Gifted Man, this Nose Training approach is both systematic and fun removing the mystery of “Wine Nosing & Wine Tasting Notes” and allowing the myriad of fine Wines to be enjoyed with the confidence and “insider knowledge” of the select few.

Get the most out of your wine and learn all about the wonderful aromas that define each wine with this incedible Wine Aroma Nosing Kit.

The Wine Aroma Nosing Kit makes a wonderful Mens Gift Idea that will be treasured over many years.

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