Hilarious Hens Party Gift – The Man Training Kit

Man Training Kit

Man Training Kit – $14.90

The Man Training Kit is here! It’s the ultimate hen’s party gift for the girls to giggle at. Everyone knows a gal with an insufferable pain for a partner, well never fear you can give her this handy little item and she’ll have him licking her feet in no time.

This kit comes with a whip for those of you who like to train your man hard and give him a good one when he gets it ‘wrong’. Didn’t clean the toilet after number two’s that’s TEN LASHINGS WITH THE WHIP!

You’ll have your man toeing the line in no time with reward cards to keep the carrot dangling. We all know a man is ruled by two brains, these reward cards will keep the little brain well and truly happy. Get ready for the perfect man after you’ve put him through the paces of the Man Training Kit.

There’s also a handy whistle for when you really need to alert your fella he has done wrong! Newspapers all over the house? That’s a whistling! Wet towel on the bathroom floor? That’s a whistling! Dirty dishes in the sink? That’s a whistling! Beer cans all over the lounge room floor? That’s definitely a whistling! And if you’re unsure just exactly how to train your man, this kit comes with a very handy training guide. This is a hilarious novelty gift and the perfect hens party present (and replaces nagging).

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Fifty Shades of Brown for Kris Kringle or Fathers Day

Fifty Shades of Brown – Fathers Day Gifts

Were you one of the many who thought the book with the similar name should have been named Fifty Shades of Brown?

Fifty Shades of Brown

Fifty Shades of Brown

Here’s a funny little book that unlike the ‘grey’ one gives you hilarious stories of the ‘brown’ variety. It’s toilet humor at it’s best. Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Crispian Brown, although a few sheets to the wind, was occupied. He was on a roll.
She looked at him with a vacant expression and wondered what business he was up to.
“Take a seat”, he mentioned, crustily.
Cackastasia flushed. Her moist flesh quivering as, in a sudden thrust, he tied her to the stool with the chain…..

It’s perfect really – unlike it’s predecessor, and oh so funny! Enjoy we say, and get your hands on this awesome gift that would be perfect for Kris Kringle or Fathers Day.

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Awesome Geek Gifts For The Geek In Your Life

Everyone has a geek in their life which means that from time to time you’re going to go looking for the best geek gift ever! That’s why we’ve created this hot little list so you’re never stuck for idea’s on what to get your favorite geek. And no – top of this list is not Revenge of the Nerds!

1. Retro iPad Cover


Padintosh – $34.95

The Padintosh looks like the original Apple Macintosh except you actually put your iPad in it! Pretty cool huh – we reckon any nerd would absolutely love this retro item. Everyone can relive the 80s with this fun iPad cover.

2. Hub Man

Hub Man

Hub Man – $14.95

Cute huh! It looks like a little man but it’s actually a USB Hub which allows you to connect multiple USB devices into one computer port.

3. Bluetooth Dongle

Micro Bluetooth Dongle

Micro Bluetooth Dongle – $13.95

Dingle, dangle, dongle! This Miniature Bluetooth Dongle will get you quickly connected to any Bluetooth enabled device (mobile phone, printer, PDA, digital camera or laptop). And it’s as easy as that! Stick it on and get connected.

4. Smart Phone Stand Speaker & Charger

Smart Phone Stand and Speaker

Smart Phone Stand and Speaker – $19.95

Now this is one handy little gift. It’s an awesome accessory for smart phones or tablets. It has a built in 2W speaker system and charging port for your favorite products such as the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and more.  So basically, you stick batteries in, then you can go anywhere and charge up your phone or tablet. This is awesome for those of you who are always getting frustrated by things running out of battery. Plus, it acts as a speaker as well. Awesome!

5.  iRobot


iRobot – $34.95

This cute little gadget is actuall an iRobot – a two-wheel robot that you control with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can turn left or right or backwards and forwards and you can also make it accelerate. It’s a great gadget for your junior or senior geek alike.

There’s five top geek gifts – so you really have no excuse to not be able to come up with something fabulous for the nerd in your life.

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Air Guitar an Awesome Music Lover’s Gift

Air Guitar

Air Guitar – $16.90

Do you have a budding Hendrix, Slash or Eddie Van Halen in the your midst rocking out on their air guitar? These days it’s not just something you do in the privacy of your bedroom or loungeroom as you listen to your favorite song, it’s also a worldwide international competition!

At the Gifted Man we think it’s a hilarious past time and fun for all the family. It’s even better for those who really don’t have a musical bone in their body but oh so wish that they could play an instrument. Priced around $20 smacko’s they’re about the cheapest instrument you’re going to buy too – sweet. We reckon the air guitar is the perfect solution to that particular problem and it makes an awesome novelty gift.


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We’re Always Laughing at The Gifted Man Online

We love to laugh at The Gifted Man and have hilarious fun making our YouTube video’s about all our men’s gifts. We covered everything from Spin the Bottle Opener’s to Kombi Van Money Box’s to Bug Zappers! Whatever it is we’re doing – you can be sure of one thing, we’re always having fun and laughing our working day away at The Gifted Man.

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Boys Gifts versus Girls Gifts on Masterchef Australia

It’s boys versus girls on the 2013 season of Masterchef, which brings us to boys gifts versus girls gifts at the Gifted Man! We of course cater to both, but the wonderful thing about Masterchef gifts is that they really are for everyone. Here’s our 5 favorite Masterchef Gifts.

1. Masterchef Tea Towel
Who doesn’t love a stylish tea towel to do the dishes or grab a hot plate. These are really popular and have the stylist Masterchef emblem on them.

Masterchef Tea Towel

Masterchef Tea Towel – $9.95

2. Masterchef Coffee Mug
Who doesn’t need a cuppa on those cold Winter days where all you want is something warm in you. Be inspired with this cup to ponder what you’ll cook for dinner later that night.

Masterchef Coffee Mug

Masterchef Coffee Mug – $9.90

3. Masterchef Apron
Wow your friends as you cook up a storm just like the Masterchef Contestants, but be sure to keep yourself clean in this snazzy apron.

Masterchef Apron

Masterchef April – $24.95|

4. Masterchef Recipe Book Stand
Do you find yourself getting flour all over your recipe book? It can be hard to keep it clean or even to keep the page open that you need. Here’s where the recipe stand comes in handy, plus it looks pretty good too.

Masterchef Recipe Book STand

Masterchef Recipe Book Stand – $24.95

5. Masterchef Blow Torch
We’ve seen some genius moments on Masterchef with a blow torch and we’ve also seen some horrendous ones. Either way this handy little item can really turn your meal from a cook’s delight to a chef’s genius. 

And they’re off, who will win this year? The Cinema proprietor? The Single Mum? The Stockman? The Opera Singer? The Personal Trainer? Who is your pick for this year’s Masterchef! Whoever you think will win, make sure you get all your Masterchef gifts from The Gifted Man.

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Silly Straw A Great Novelty Gift

Silly Straw

Silly Straw $8.50

Silly straw glasses are just silly, no two ways about it, but silly they are, they make a great novelty gift. No matter how old you are, you are never too old for Silly Straw glasses.

Put on these really nerdy tubular glasses. The liquid goes up the tube, over your right ear, around your right eye, around your left eye, over your left ear, then finally down into your mouth. It’s suck-sational! If you’re looking for a novelty gift for Kris Kringle or just for fun, then you really can’t go past this hilarious little gem.

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